Who Is Trilogyz

Trilogyz Wireless is the answer and solution to questions and issues that are and have yet to be posed when it comes to wireless technology. Delivering our solutions stem from three components of the Trilogyz brand that we refer to in its entirety as W.I.N — Wireless. Innovation. Nurture — also known as our core values that we deeply embrace.

Formerly existed solely to provide wireless earphones and headphones within a marketplace that has become overly saturated with such products, Trilogyz Wireless decided to fuse breakthrough wireless technology with its keen innovation acumen and nurturing desire to develop far more valuable offerings. Items from audio products to certified software solutions will be developed to meet the needs and demands of customers and businesses across many industries, on a global scale.

Developing with a user-centric approach and driven by creating valuable experiences, Trilogyz places the lives of individuals first, innovating for enjoyment and nurturing spirits for growth.

Led by President and CEO, Reginald De Vaughn II, also known as recording artist R. Wayne, Trilogyz Wireless Incorporated is based in Houston, TX

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