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33dayjumpstart Start your fitness journey today from home or at your local fitness facility with one of our Tri-Fit 33 day programs.

  • Complete training Programs
  • Full Dieting/Nutrition Schedule  
  • For both men & women  

Order your complete Tri-Fit Fitness Jump Start Program and take your body to the next’s never too late to start!!!

33-Day Jump Start Programs:


This is a program designed to help you drop your body fat with an intense gym routine that you can do daily


Designed to help you put on lean muscle mass while gaining weight at the same time. This is great for the “hard gainer” who are trying to put on weight and muscle mass


Burn Fat, Gain Muscle and be in great Everyday SHAPE! This program will jumpstart your growth of lean muscle mass in the gym as well as a great mixture of body weight exercises. If you’re looking for the total package, then you need TRI-BODY!


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